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Staff At Woodlands Nursery

At Woodlands we always have your child's individual needs at the forefront of our minds. We aim to provide a professional and well run establishment where parents and carers feel confident to leave their most precious possession, in the knowledge that their child will be cared for as well and as carefully as they are at home.

The Company is committed to excellence from all angles. Investment in staff is fundamental, along with an investment in the children themselves. The basic standards are set by the Care Commission ( Now named Social Care and Social Work Improvement Scotland) and the SSSC. Woodlands strives to exceed these standards wherever possible and a number of our staff are currently working towards a further Qualification.

In order for us to support your child's development in the best possible way, we employ people with different educational training backgrounds. They all attend regular further training courses, which enable them to bring new ideas and proposals to their daily work - ideas that will also benefit your child!


The Staff all have the necessary qualifications to work with the children and have fully and satisfactorily completed the statutory disclosure process. The staff are allocated to the classrooms to comply with the child/staff ratio set by the Care Inspectorate.

All Staff are trained in Paediatric First Aid, Elementary Food Hygiene, Infection Control, Child Protection and GIRFEC.

Find out more about our staff:

Anna Adam - Managing Director


Anna opened Woodlands Nursery in August 2011, with a view to establishing a premier childcare service in the area.  She is very much hands on in the business on a day to day basis, and is always around if you need a chat!

Qualifications: MSc Management; BA Applied Social Sciences; SVQ Level 3 in Child Care Learning & Development, mum of 2!


Lizzie Wavell -  Manager

Lizzie became part of the Woodlands family in August 2015 and very quickly proved to be a valuable member of the team.  Having been in childcare since 2007, including a year as a Teaching Assisstant in Malaysia, Lizzie has a broad spectrum of experience to draw on. 

Lizzie became our Deputy Manager in early 2016 and was promoted to Joint Manager later that year after showing excellent management and communication skills within her roles in the classrooms.  Promoted to Manager at the start of 2018, Lizzie is an excellent mentor for all our staff, and has a great vision for the future of Woodlands.  She is constantly striving to make sure that all of the Woodlands children receive the very best care and education possible.

Lizzie is also our Transition Coordinator, making sure that children's moves from home to nursery, room changes, and the steps from nursery to school are smooth and successful. 

Qualifiactions: SVQ Level 3; BA in Childhood Practice


Alexis Sinclair - Deputy Manager


Alexis joined Woodlands in 2018 and was Lead in the Bunnies from April 2019, building a wonderful team.  Alexis accepted the position of Deputy Manager in January 2020 and is excelling in the role.  Always happy and smiling, Alexis is a highly capable and exceptionally caring individual.

Qualifications: SVQ Level 3


Jordan Jones - Lead Practitioner (Bunnies)

Jordan joined the Woodlands team in 2015 and has become a very confident practitioner.  Approachable, compassionate and full of fun, Jordan is a great choice to lead the Bunnies team.

Qualifications: SVQ Level 3


Angela Smith - Lead Practitioner (Hedgehogs)

Angela has been at Woodlands since leaving school in 2017 and has grown and developed into a great practitioner.  Highly motivated and exceptionally caring, Angela is well qualified to lead the Hedgeohogs team.

Qualifications: SVQ Level 3


Jo-Anne Hepburn - Lead Practitioner (Squirrels)

Jo-Anne joined Woodlands when we opened in 2011 and is an invaluable member of the team.  Jo does our show-rounds at the nursery so will be one of the first people you meet, there is nothing she doesn't know about Woodlands - try to catch her out!  Hard-working, professional and fun to be around, with a broad knowledge of all areas of the curriculum, Jo is a perfect choice to lead the Squirrels team.

Qualifications: SVQ Level 4


Iona Morrison - Lead Practitioner (Badgers)


A member of the Woodlands family since 2015, Iona has proven to be a great asset to the team.  Having worked in each of our classrooms, Iona has great experience of all stages of the Curriculum, and is full of ideas to keep the children engaged.  Highly motivated, and always approachable, Iona is the perfect choice to Lead the Badgers Team.

Qualifications: SVQ Level 3


Kate Chapman - Cook


Kate, our camera-shy cook, joined us in 2014 and is an essential member of the team. She has many years of experience as a chef, including running her own bistro. Kate works with staff and children to create varied, healthy menus, catering for all dietary requirements. Never grumpy, always smiling, make sure to say hello as you go past the kitchen!


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