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Activities & Outings

At Woodlands there is a great selection of fun and educational activities on offer.  These are carefully planned by the staff team and the children for each week and take into account the curriculum, children's ideas, age and developmental range, interests of the group and current cultural events. The nursery has a wide range of resources and equipment to encourage and stimulate the children in new and exciting experiences.

On Tuesday and Friday mornings Mary Blanche comes to nursery to play piano and sing songs with the children.

Every Wednesday we have Junior Jazzercize with Lindsay Ewen. There are three sessions: one for the Squirrels (2-3s) and one each for the ante-pre and pre-school Badgers. Lindsay is great at developing fun routines with the children to songs that they all know, and they love to get their teachers up dancing too!

We have fortnightly visits from the Library Bus, which the children love.  They take turns to choose books for the class to read, a task that they treat very seriously!

We regularly have 'Together Time' between classes in order to prepare the children for moves up to the next class. This may consist of Makaton sessions, Parachute play, or songs & rhyme time, amongst other activities.

Before the pre-school Badgers 'graduate' to school, we treat them all to a visit to Den in the Glen. Also at this time of year, we invite all parents and carers to our Graduation Ceremony, where the children love to perform their favourite songs for you all - be sure to bring camera and tissues!

We have other adhoc trips throughout the course of the year, usually fitting in with the children's current topics.

We also encourage parents to "Stay & Play" for sessions with their children.  If this is something that interests you please feel free to talk to the staff in your child's room.


Outdoor Learning

Woodlands offers a variety of outside activities, including gardening, games and outdoor equipment such as a summer house, a huge fort with sand boxes & ball pools, a large decked area, and trikes, scooters etc. We regularly take part in forest schools activities, such as den building, making use of our outdoor space as well as the woods.

Our setting, adjacent to woodland, also allows staff to incorporate nature trails, toasting marshmallows, and bug spotting to name but a few.  Our Badgers go out collecting pond water for their classroom tadpoles in the Spring, as well as plenty of rocks and weeds to make their froggy friends feel at home!  We raise stick insects and butterflies each year, the children love to watch their life cycles and then release them into the woods.

We have regular trips to Crathes Castle to play in the grounds and learn from the Rangers there.  Visits to Raemoir Garden Centre are also popular, where we learn to identify different plants and even get to plant our own geraniums. Of course, a snack in the cafe is also a must!

Risky Play

Everyday life always involves a degree of risk and children need to learn how to cope with this. They need to understand that the world can be a complex and dangerous place and that care needs to be taken when negotiating their way round it.

Inevitably the most powerful learning comes from experience.  Throughout life, the mistakes we make often come about through ‘not understanding’ or 'misjudging' the degree of risk. At Woodlands Nursery we consider that an essential aspect of teaching children about risk is to encourage them to practice making their own risk assessments and think about the possible consequences of their actions. A range of carefully structured and enticing activities allow each child to make choices and begin to recognise their individuality in a safely managed, nurturing environment.


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