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We are parents ourselves and realise that leaving children in Nursery can be a difficult time for both the parents and the child. Woodlands is committed to easing this transition with support, kindness and respect for all parties involved.

The aim of Woodlands Nursery is to provide a professional, safe, and well run establishment where parents and carers feel fully confident in leaving their most precious possessions, in the knowledge that their child will be cared for as well and as lovingly as they are at home.

To view our most recent Care Inspectorate report please click here.


The Nursery is situated at the Hill of Banchory where it is surrounded by woodland, enabling the children to be closer to nature in a secure environment.      

Each child will participate in a varied programme that is designed not only to meet their individual needs but to develop their confidence and personality. Through stimulating activities each child will have learning experiences that are creative, interesting, educational and fun allowing them to build confidence and thrive.

Communication between the nursery staff, children and parents/carers is crucial for a child's happiness and wellbeing.  At Woodlands Nursery we have an Open Door Policy and encourage parents/carers to talk to staff daily about their child's experiences.

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